Have you ever come under a full-blown demonic attach?

Is hell your final destination?

Have you ever come under a full-blown demonic attach?

I did yesterday. Right after I paid for a new batch of Prayer Warrior shirts for the people who have prayed numerous rosaries for all the people driving by on their way to work from 7:30-8:20 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I suddenly noticed a number of scratches on my newly painted bumper.

Instantly, I time traveled back 16 years when we lived in the beautiful beach town of Coronado Ca. My wife scratched the bumper our car in exactly the same place. She refused to admit her guilt. I was so angry, I screamed my indictment and rage at the top of my lungs, blistering the paint on the walls of our kitchen. I was a monster.

It took me days of emotional pain, guilt and the total freeze out by my wife to forgive her. My anger was destroying our relationship and further alienating her. Eventually, years later she confessed and asked for forgiveness.

Yesterday a tidal wave of hate, anger and repressed resentment blossomed like a poisonous bud on a Venus fly trap. Demonic oppression became my reality. Satan and his demons had me by the short hairs. Instant fury and blame reared its ugly head.

The Holy Spirit said, “Don’t mention it. Your wife may be innocent. Give her the benefit of the doubt. If you want to break her heart, just broach the subject.”

Of course, I fumed and agonized about what to say on the way home. Sure enough, as soon as I saw her, the demons had me in their evil grasp.

I said, “Can you believe it? Someone scratched the bumper on the left side of the car?” as I stared at my wife with an accusing glare.

I saw her countenance fall instantly. She realized I was indicting her without any evidence…no opportunity to defend herself. She was stunned. I was mortified at my action. Her sorrow and hurt were all the chastisement I needed to repent. I grieved over the pain I caused her.

But, even though I repented of my sin against her, I could not release my anger and distrust. It was like a nightmare! I could not escape my demonic emotions, no matter how fast I ran or how high I jumped.

Her countenance fell, as she stumbled to her room weeping at the injustice of it all, barely able to walk. I had hurt her heart tragically with my unjust accusation.

I was so sorry for what I had done. Prayer for forgiveness and healing of my wife’s heart was the only answer.

I quickly, with great urgency, went into my room and prayed a rosary. I asked God for forgiveness but felt no peace. I realized I needed to repent before God in person.

I raced to St. Michael’s Catholic Church. There I threw myself on the floor, burying  my face in my arms, before the tabernacle praying for forgiveness.

After a short time, I felt an unbelievable peace and love for my wife. I was forgiven.

I raced home and cooked an incredible for my wife with as much love as I could muster. She was till angry and hurt, but though the a true act of self-sacrifice her heart was healed. Our communion meal through my food prepared with GRACE (God’s Forgiveness At Christ’s Expense) erased our pain. Forgiveness was the dessert, love restored our blessing.

After we ate, I walked out to the car, buffed out the scratches, applied touch paint so the blemishes was hardly noticeable. The damage was not big deal.

How could I have been such a monster over something so inconsequential. As one famous comedian used to say, “Satan made me do it.” That is my excuse and I am sticking by it.