Have You Ever Experienced Bizarre Events That Can Only Be Explained As Demonic Activity?

Have you ever wondered if the people, who are in constant battle against the supernatural forces of evil, led by Satan and his demons, come under demonic attack? Well, I have a very interesting story I cannot explain other than demonic activity in the extreme.

On July 15, my wife and I received brown scapulars during a special blessing ceremony at St. Michael Catholic Church in Bedford. This is where we go to mass after praying at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bedford Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The week before the blessing was filled with weird events that are hard to explain. On July 8, we drove to Richardson to pick up our granddaugher Lauren, to bring her to Bedford to hang out with Nana and Papa for the day.

Nana took Lauren to meet our other granddaughter Hannah at Walmart to shop, talk and bond as only women can do. They decided to leave Hannah’s car in the parking lot and drive back to our place for lunch.

After eating, they went out to our car, to drive Hannah back to Walmart, so she could pick up her car to drive home and go to work. The outside temperature was around 100 degrees. Completely out of the blue, our car would not start.

Hannah was desperate to get to work on time. Janet and the girls were freaking out, so I called a faithful Prayer Warrior and dear friend Bruce Molitor on the spur of the moment, to see if he could drive them to Walmart. He said, “Yes!” and was there in 5 minutes.

I called AAA to come test the battery while they were gone. The technician arrived in 10 minutes. He hooked up the diagnostic computer and told me flat out, “The battery is deader than a door nail. The alternator and regulator are fine.”

Luckily, he had the precise replacement battery with him. I happily bought it. He installed it on the spot.

As soon as he was done, Bruce pulled up. Hannah forgot her car and house keys were on the back seat of our car.

Luckily, our car, with the new battery, was ready to drive. Nana with Lauren, drove Hannah back to Walmart. We found out later in the day that Hannah barely made it to work on time.

Lauren needed to get home, so we jumped in the car and headed east. Suddenly, the largest, blackest clouds I have ever seen suddenly appeared over Grapevine.

We thought we would miss the violent thunderstorm, but were sadly mistaken. Just as we neared the 635/114 ramp, the rain, thunder, lightening and winds lowered visibility to zero.

I could barely see out the windshield. Lightening struck the ground all around us. We were definitely concerned for our safety. This was a thunderstorm straight from hell.

Thanfully, the storm ended after about 10 miles. We definitely felt relieved at our narrow escape. We dropped off Lauren. The drive home was unremarkable.

Monday, July 10th, my wife fell during our early morning walk. It was dark and she tripped on the curb. She skinned her knees, shin and bruised her shoulder.

Tuesday, July 11th, after Janet got off work, the car would not start. Everyone was already gone and the office was locked.

She had to wait in over 100 degree heat for the AAA technician to arrive. He hooked up his diagnostic computer and said, “The battery is fine. It has to be something else wrong.”

Janet called me and relayed the tale of woe. She desperately wanted me to come get her and deal with the car.

I immediately raced next door, told my neighbor Francis the story, and asked for a ride to Richland Hills. He is a dear Prayer Warrior also and agreed to help me rescue my wife and give her a ride home. Boy was she angry after being in the severe heat for close to an hour.

After Francis left with Janet, I learned the tow truck would be there in 90 minutes. It was very hot outside, so I decided to jump into the car to see if it would start.

The car started instantly to my surprise. I drove it around the parking lot a couple times to make sure it was safe. Then I drove it to City Garage and left it there because they were closed. I called Francis to pick me up and give me a ride home.

Janet wanted a bottle of Merlot to relax after such a harrowing day. Francis was kind enough to stop at the store.

On July 12th, Bruce gave Janet a ride to work and dropped me off at City Garage. I gave them the key. They said they would do a complete diagnostic and let me know what was wrong.

Bruce showed up just in time to take me to Planned Parenthood. We prayed with the other Prayer Warriors and went to mass.

Later in the day, I received the bad news…$942 in repairs for some obscure part in the engine that controls the idle had crapped out. Dang, what a bummer.

July 13th, my neck and back were killing me. My allergies to grass and weeds spiked. I prayed to God for some relief.

July 14th, I drove to Kroger to buy some food for the weekend. When I returned to my car, I could not find my keys.

I looked through the window. My keys were sitting in plain sight on the seat. They fell out of my pocket when exiting the car.

The air temperature was close to 100 degrees. Man was it hot.

I called Janet to ask Francis to bring her keys over to me. When Francis arrived, I asked, “Have you ever had one of those weeks?”

He smiled, handed me my keys and said, “Yes! You are having one now!”

That night I experienced the worst cramps ever in my legs. I cried out to God in prayer for some relief. Finally, the cramps released after about 30 minutes of agony.

July 15th, I drove to Good Shepherd Catholic Community for the Rosary and Discipleship meeting at 7 AM. I am the designated greeter because I have memorized the names of the 60 men who attend weekly.

As I stood outside, opening the door for everyone, suddenly a huge swarm of mosquitoes attacked me. They were eating me alive.

To escape, I went inside the building. I greeted each person when they opened the door. The mosquitoes were gone, but I did not want to go back outside.

Later in the morning, miraculously, Janet and I attended the brown scapular blessing at St. Michael’s without incident. We both felt a unique sense of peace and protection when Deacon Harry placed the brown scapulars over our heads and spoke the blessing.

When we returned home, my right leg still hurt from the internal bruising caused by the cramps the night before. My allergies were still bad.

Sunday I was still in pain and suffering from allergies. However, we did go to mass and took the rest of the day off.

On Monday, July 17, I took Janet to work so I could go to my dental appoint to get my teeth cleaned at Midcities Dental. My original appointment was August 1.They just happened to have a cancellation, so I jumped at the chance to reschedule.

Later that day, I was watching TV in the front room. I noticed a big black fly sitting on the white vertical blinds covering our sliding glass doors to the patio. I grabbed my trusty fly swatter and moved in for the kill.

As I smashed the unsuspecting bug, I noticed some weird movement on the glass door. I opened the blinds and was horrified.

There were a couple hundred flies crawling all over the glass, trying to get out. My jaw dropped. I could not believe my eyes. Where had they all come from? How in the world did they get in?

In a panic, I started exterminating them in earnest. There were just too many to kill. So, I opened the patio door and pushed them outside with the swatter.

Finally, they were gone. I felt like I had entered the “Twilight Zone.”

Later that evening, when I related to Janet what happened, she was terrified at the thought of being attacked by a massive swarm of flies. I hoped the fly infestation was over.

Boy, was I mistaken. We were not done with the insects yet.

That night, I was tired after my battle with the flies. I was laying in my bed with the lights on reading a book. Suddenly, I picked up some movement in my peripheral vision.

I looked to my left and was startled to see a gigantic cockroach racing directly toward me. It was a genetically, mutated monster.

I defended myself with the only weapon I had, my paperback novel. I pounded the huge insect with my book a couple of times.

The powerful cockroach would not be denied. He was a guided missile targeted directly at me.

I hit him a couple more times, but he kept coming. Finally, I put all my strength into my swing and pounded him a few more times with the book.

To my relief, he looked dead, but suddenly started moving. This was a cockroach from hell.

My only recourse was to grab a wad of Kleenex, throw it on top of him and then capture the monster in the tissue. I could still feel him squirming around, so I raced into the bathroom and threw him into the toilet bowl.

I quickly flushed the toilet. The flood of water swirled around the bowl. The wave swept the demonic creature down the drain. I thought, “Now he is someone else’s problem down line.”

Unbelievably, the whole time, I felt perfectly at peace. Perhaps the blessings of wearing the brown scapular were helping me deal with their weird chain of events. I was astounded at what had just happened.

Were the mosquitoes, flies and cockroach demonically inspired? I had no idea so I decided to go back to bed, hoping there were no more bug surprises.

The next morning I told Janet only about the flies. She hates cockroaches so I kept that part of the story secret.

After she went to work, I noticed a fly on the white blinds. I grabbed my fly swatter and squashed him with relish.

The blinds parted. To my horror there were massive amounts of flies crawling on the glass. I was astounded. “What was going on?”

There were so many flies, I decided to get out the big gun. I grabbed my Panasonic canister vacuum out of the closet, hit the on switch and wreaked havoc on the swarm. After sucking them off the glass door, I still could not figure out how they were getting in.

I ran to my closet and procured my biggest, brightest flashlight. Then I started illuminating the seals around the glass door.

The flashlight was bright enough to show any cracks in the insulation, even under the brightest sun. There were no entry points in sight.

Suddenly, I noticed a stray fly migrating across the wall from the left. I pulled back the blinds to expose the area behind the TV.

Yikes! There was a massive swarm of flies crawling all over the floor, wires and walls. For some reason, they were swarming just below the top of my big screen TV.

Wow! This blew my mind. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life. The closest comparison came from movies about the devil, demons and exorcisms. Was my apartment demonically possessed?

Yes, I was pissed! Time for nuclear Armageddon on the flies.

I quickly changed nozzles from small to large and went to work. It took almost an hour to suck up every fly, from under the TV, wires and wall. I illuminated the area with the “brighter than the sun” high beam on my flashlight but could find no entry point.

In my fervor for cleaning and desire to discover how they were getting inside the apartment, I moved and vacuumed under and around every piece of furniture in the bedrooms, living room and kitchen. I never found an entry point.

What do you think? Was this a week from hell, or WHAT?