Catholic Prayer Warriors Experience Two Miracles In 60 Minutes

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Yesterday one of the most dedicated Catholic Prayer Warriors, Rick Self, picked me up to go pray in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for the thousands of people driving by each morning on their way to work. We pray that God blesses each person with the love, grace and strength they need to effectively deal with their own unique trials and tribulations.

Over three years ago, God inspired me to create the Catholic Prayer Warriors movement. The Holy Spirit showed me the importance of praying the rosary daily, receiving the Holy Eucharist at Mass, the real presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus,  and Eucharistic Adoration. God desires a army of Catholic Prayer Warriors who pray the rosary daily for themselves, family members, friends, political and spiritual leaders, for an end to wars and peace in our troubled world.

Months ago, during a very difficult time, God inspired me to create the Catholic Prayer Warriors’ Archangel and Guardian Angel Prayer to ask for help from the most powerful Archangels and our Guardian Angel.

Each Archangel symbolizes one of the omnipotent powers of God. St. Michael represents the almighty power of God. St. Gabriel is the power of God’s word and the importance of communication with the Holy Spirit, the angelic hosts and Saints. St. Raphael is the healing power of God.

Below is the Prayer Warrior Archangel Prayer!

Catholic Prayer Warriors join in unison with all the other Catholic Prayer Warriors world-wide when we pray. The more Catholic Prayer Warriors we have praying, the greater is the power of the prayer.

St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, the Archangels, and my Guardian Angel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Princes of the heavenly hosts,
by the divine power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen!

Recently, I purchased a one decade Archangel Rosary with the pictures of the Archangels soon after the Holy Spirit inspired this prayer.


After having the rosary blessed by Father Richard, I prayed a lot with this Archangel Rosary.

During the weekend, in a dream, I perceived God wanted me give the rosary to Catholic Prayer Warrior Rick Self, one of two Catholic Prayer Warriors who have prayed with me at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for over 3 years. When I gave it to Rick, he was thrilled. While we prayed at the abortion clinic, Rick held the Archangel Rosary in his right hand and his big, ebony rosary in the other.

As we prayed the sky darkened noticeably. Day turned into night. A red mini-van pulled up. A woman opened the driver door and stepped down. She asked, “Are you praying for or against abortion?” We could barely hear her so we both moved over to her car.

The lady was clearly distraught. She shared with us about her abortion at 15 when she was addicted to alcohol and drugs. We grieved even more when we learned about the death of her second child in a catastrophic car crash a couple years later. She barely survived. After nine surgeries and many years of intense pain, she is still suffers from chronic pain and is on permanent disability.

We emphasized with her when she told us that she had believed the death of her second child was God’s punishment for aborting her first child. The great news is that right after the death of her second child she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

She shared her experience of the love and forgiveness of God but guilt and pain caused by the abortion still reared its ugly head. She claimed that her mission for God was to share her experience with all other girls and women who are facing life and death decisions. We told her about Rachael’s Ministry that helps women and families heal from the trauma caused by abortion.

Rick and I were overjoyed at her testimony. We prayed with her for the forgiveness and peace that comes only though the Holy Spirit. We were humbled at the opportunity to hear her story and desire to help other women. She vowed to come and pray with us, a confirmed Baptist, who realizes we are all Prayer Warriors. Every person needs prayer…the more the better.

When she drove away, her entire countenance radiated the joy of the Holy Spirit. Rick and I were ecstatic. This was an incredible miracle. Only the Holy Spirit could have given her the courage to stop and talk to two men standing in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

On the way back to my house, Rick was overjoyed. He said, “That was a true miracle. Let’s pray for rain. We desperately need it.”

As soon as we finished the prayer for rain, in a matter of seconds, the sky opened up and rain poured down. We looked at each other and smiled. Two miracles in one hour. God is good, merciful, kind, loving, long-suffering and gracious.

Praying the rosary while invoking the spiritual power of St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel and our Guardian Angel really works. If you are going to pray the rosary, ask for help from the most powerful beings in heaven, the Trinity, the Blessed Mother, the Archangels, our Guardian Angels and all the other angels and saints. You too will see miracles in your life, family and church.

Miracles Do Happen Daily When You Pray

Jacob's Ladder Where Prayers Travel To God.

Isn’t God’s timing truly amazing!

Isn’t God’s timing truly amazing! I woke up this morning at 3 AM and could not go back to sleep so I got up and started to pray the rosaries for everyone I know.

After I finished, I noticed a text message had just arrived from a dear friend and mighty Prayer Warrior. His dad had just received the Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion for the second time in his life.

Within the last week, his dad, an avowed atheist, desired to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and the Anointing Of the Sick. It was a true miracle of God’s grace and mercy.

Starting at 7:30 AM a group of 6 Prayer Warriors were praying in front of our local Planned Parenthood clinic that God would bless every person driving by. Out of the blue I felt the Holy Spirit inspire me to suggest we dedicate a rosary to my friend’s dad and his family.

After Mass, when I got home, I noticed a voice mail message from my friend. The time was 8:16, the moment we finished praying. My friend’s dad went to heaven at 6:50 AM.

Last Saturday I told my friend I wanted to pray a couple of rosaries with him and his dad before he passed away. I wonder if my friend and his family members were just finishing their rosary for him at the time we started praying. I will find out tomorrow.

God’s timing is always perfect. Sometimes it is hard to hear His voice. Often it is even more difficult to say, “Yes.” In this situation, it was a slam dunk. Reality and eternity converged at this moment in time as we all celebrated my friend’s Dad’s journey home to our final eternal destination.