Are Catholics Who Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates In Danger of Committing a Mortal Sin?

Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and Employee of the Year, said the pathway to ending abortion is to make it unthinkable. The only way to do that is to make it illegal. Catholics and Christians must vote for pro-life candidates as the primary issue.

Your position on the sanctity of human life issue and whether you support political parties and politicians that embrace the culture of death, may determine whether you spend eternity suffering in hell or rejoicing in heaven. After over 66,000,000 innocent babies slaughtered in the womb since 1973, the silence of Catholics and Christians is deafening.

For all Catholics, if you vote for a candidate that is pro-abortion when you have the choice of a pro-life candidate, you are in danger of committing a mortal sin. If you have any doubts about this issue, ask a deacon, priest or bishop that is not blinded by liberalism and the social justice agenda of the progressive and modernist Catholic clergy.

Votes for social justice and political correctness are the pathway to hell, when the murder of innocent babies should be the deciding factor for your choice of candidates. What will you say to God on Judgement Day when He asks you, “What did you do to protect the innocent babies in the womb?”


Center For Medical Progress Overview Of The 10 Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood

In the first video: Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood commented on baby-crushing: “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”
In the second video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter joked, “I want a Lamborghini” as she negotiated the best price for baby parts.
In the third video: Holly O’Donnell, a former Stem Express employee who worked inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, detailed first-hand the unspeakable atrocities and how she fainted in horror over handling baby legs.
In the fourth video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Savita Ginde stated, “We don’t want to do just a flat-fee (per baby) of like, $200. A per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.” She also laughed while looking at a plate of fetal kidneys that were “good to go.”
In the fifth video: Melissa Farrell of Planned Parenthood-Gulf Coast in Houston boasted of Planned Parenthood’s skill in obtaining “intact fetal cadavers” and how her “research” department “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here, you know we’re one of the largest affiliates, our Research Department is the largest in the United States.”
In the sixth video: Holly O’Donnell described technicians taking fetal parts without patient consent: “There were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”
In the seventh and perhaps most disturbing video: Holly O’Donnell described the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘You want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
In the eighth video: StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer admits Planned Parenthood sells “a lot of” fully intact aborted babies.
The ninth video: catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb.
The 10th video: catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies.The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit.

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