Miracles Are Part Of Our Journey

Miracles are still part of our journey.

God is good. Much of the suffering we go through in life helps us focus on our relationship with Him. When we arrive at our limits, God shows us what is truly possible if we love and trust in Him. Miracles are only part of this amazing journey called life. We are truly supernatural beings experiencing a brief mortal life within the scope of eternity to learn how to be like our Creator and Savior.

Catholic Prayer Warriors Pray The Rosary In Public

Catholic Prayer Warrior

It is amazing how passion for serving the Lord motivates other men to stand up for the truth of our faith. When we live holy lives and are dedicated to educating others about the sanctity of human life and marriage, God changes our hearts and gives us the courage to pray the rosary in public.

Our mission for God is to learn our faith, live it and love others who support groups that are at war with our Catholic faith. It will be through our holiness and love for others that changes the hearts and minds of the people God has placed in our lives. We are responsible to show His love through our actions and attitude if we hope to help save our family, friends, business associates and the world from the insanity of secularism and political correctness.

If we do not stand up for the truth of our Catholic faith and live our lives for God, many more will fall into Hell like snowflakes in a snow storm. God is calling all of us all to accept and believe the teachings in the Magesterium. Our immortal souls are in jeopardy of eternal damnation if we do not follow the  leadership of the Pope, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests and Deacons who teach the truth with the authority of the apostolic tradition.

Ignorance of our faith is not a good excuse. When you stand before God at the final judgment you may hear him say, “Be gone, I never knew you because you never knew or served ME!” rather than “Well done good and faithful servant.”